Dream India, We think, create, do and dream standing up.

We are always on our feet exploring, innovating and adapting new creative ideas. A Bangalore-based branding and digital agency,  Dream India is a group of young, inspired minds from all over India.   We love what we do and believe in doing it with passion. We share a passion for creating and launching brands. We design engaging user experiences to move our brands forward. With a multi-platform thought process, our goal is to design creative visual and verbal communication between the audience and the brand – online and offline.We love the frenzy of a design challenge. We love the buzz of social media strategies. We spend a good amount of our time researching for Brand building that help us define consumer behavior and design relevant communications.

We keep it simple, real and current. We have a wild side, but that emerges only when we’re arguing about where should we have our Drinks.